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Wildlife Experiences
A Report of Tiger Sightings in Kanha Tiger Reserve, 2015-16 Season

My first safari of the season was on October 2nd. After roaming around for two hours we were having breakfast in Sondar camp. My guide heard a frantic sambar’s call from Baiga Nallah side and informed me, we packed up immediately and rushed towards the nallah, parked our vehicle on Moala road and within five […]

A Report of tiger sightings in Kanha Tiger Reserve

A Report of tiger sightings in Kanha Tiger Reserve, Season: 2014-2015 It has been a fantastic season for me and all the tourists who have visited Kanha. After around 350 drives in this season, I would say this was a season full of cats ! All four zones have been full of excitement and action, […]

Tiger: a martial artist (part 1)

Ranthambhore this season was abuzz with 2 Tigresses with few month old cubs. One was T19 (a.k.a. unees) , she had a litter of 3 young ones in Feb/March, and T39, a real beauty of a Tigress, she had a litter of 2 cubs sometime in April, her cubs were only about 1 month when […]