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India (Geography)

India is like a puzzle board of 29 states and as a country holds interests for all types of travellers. A wealth of mountain ranges and national parks gives abundant chances for eco-tourism and trekking, and its sheer size guarantees something for everybody. From its northernmost point on the Chinese fringe, India broadens 2000 miles (3200 km) to its southern tip, where the island country of Sri Lanka appears to be crushed out of India like a tear, the synapse shaping the Gulf of Mannar. India’s northern border is dominated for the most part by Nepal and the Himalayas, the world’s most astounding mountain chain. After the mountains in the northeast, its borders narrow to a little channel that passes between Nepal, Tibet, Bangladesh and Bhutan, then spread out again to meet Burma in a zone called the “eastern triangle.” Apart from the Arabian ocean, its western border is dominated solely by Pakistan.

Wildlife and Nature

If you are a wildlife enthusiast then a trip to the famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of India is a true delight for you. A jeep safari through the dense forests while viewing the wild animals in their natural habitat is that one memory that you will cherish forever. India is home to the biggest deer population on the planet. Indigenous species found in India such as Sloth Bear, Blackbuck (Indian Antelope), Nilgai (Blue Bull) and Chausingha (Four Horned Antelope) cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. More than 1250 birds species make India a heaven for bird watchers as well. Notwithstanding its bird species, India boasts more than 20,000 types of insects, 2,000 types of butterfly, 142 types of frogs and more than 700 types of fish. There are 102 National Parks, 528 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 43 Tiger Reserves. India is without a doubt a paradise for wildlife lovers.

Fascinating Facts of India

India is the world’s biggest, most seasoned, consistent civilization.
Martial Arts originated in India and later spread to Asia by Buddhist teachers.
Yoga has its beginnings in India and has existed in excess of 5,000 years.
Over two-thirds of the world population of Bengal Tigers resides in India.
Sanskrit is the mother of all the European languages.
Chess was developed in India.
India is the largest English speaking country on the planet.
India has the greatest number of Post Offices on the planet.
One of the biggest employers on the planet is the Indian Railways, over a million individuals.
India was one of the wealthiest nations at the time of the British administration in the early seventeenth century.
Christopher Columbus, attracted by India’s riches, had been searching for an ocean course to India when he discovered America by accident.
India has never attacked any nation in her most recent 1000 years of history.
When many people were living as itinerant woodland inhabitants, in excess of 5000 years back, Indians created the Harappan society in Sindhu Valley (Indus Valley Civilization).

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